Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Second biometrics

Well, just got a letter from USCIS in the mail today. I was hoping it was some ridiculous fast approval notice, but alas, no.

"The FBI was unable to process your fingerprint card. In order for USCIS to continue processing your application, it will be necessary to have your fingerprints re-taken." *sigh*

So, the appointment has been made for 6/13 at 9am. Yes, 9am. And the office is an hour and a half away. It's going to be one early morning, let me tell you. Oh well.

Only good news: I do remember the guy saying when I got my biometrics done the first time that if the fingerprints are rejected, that I'd only have to get them done a second time, as they'll compare the second ones to the first. So, at least after this, I don't have to worry about getting them done a third time.


P.S. Leaving for Canada this Friday! :)


  1. That is disappointing. You would think they would not have let you leave unless it was done correctly the first time!
    Looking forward to hearing how your experience goes when you return back into the US from your trip. I know the CBP seems to be confused most of the time. But I would think they can figure it out!

  2. I would have literally been there all day otherwise. No matter how hard the guy tried, my fingerprints wouldn't show up in some places, thus were rejected, according to the system. So, the guy really had no choice but to override them.

    And I'll be definitely writing up a little post about how my return trip back to the US will go. Hopefully no issues with my expired green card as I'll have the original NOA extension letter, but you never know with those officers sometimes XD