Monday, November 17, 2014

Updated Flowchart and Wikis

Over the weekend, I finally got around to updating the flowchart and both my wikis to the new process NVC released back in September.

Links to updated information:

NVC Process Wiki

Wiki for Canadian Spouses for NVC (EP and Online Forms)


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Canada Trip

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to take a trip to Montreal to celebrate my birthday and Thanksgiving with my family. Left last Wednesday (after working half a day), and am currently sitting at my gate to return home.

Just wanted to write this little post as I've never been asked so few questions at US customs. When I approached the counter, I passed everything over as usual (passport, boarding pass, green card, declaration card). The officer did some stuff on his computer, asked how long I had been visiting Canada for (a week). Asked why I had moved to Fargo (originally in South Dakota, husband got a job in Fargo). He confirmed that I had no checked bags. And as far as I remember, that was it!! I think I was up there for about 2 minutes *shocked*

Maybe I'm finally off their black list from 4 years when I got denied twice, haha!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Life Updates

Goodness, look! Two posts in one day, haha. Just wanted to give a few updates since my last post (well, my second to last post, in March).

So, at the end of March, we moved from South Dakota up to Fargo, North Dakota. My husband found a new job up here, hence the move. We found an awesome 3 bedroom apartment, 2 bathrooms (yes, I have my OWN bathroom), plus, what I've always wanted: a walk-in closet! It's not a very large walk-in, but I'll take it! :)

So, since we moved to a new city, I obviously had to quit my old job at Target. It was bittersweet since I enjoyed working with so many people there. Although, we had just gotten a new store leader whom no one was fond of (she made me cry twice, argh, not to mention others), so I definitely didn't miss saying goodbye to her, lol. Anyways, ended up getting a job interview at a customs broker the same day my husband started his new job. I must have done well, since I got a call back from the staffing agency I went through less than 2 hours later about them wanting to hire me! I of course said yes and starting my new (and first) full-time job two days later!

After a few weeks of living here, we also adopted an adorable cat from a local shelter. Her name was Topanga, but we re-named her to Catniss. Her story: she was found under a tarp with her 3 kittens in December, the dead of winter. She ended up losing the tips of her ears to frostbite. But, thankfully she and her 3 babies lived. Her 3 kittens had already been adopted when we visited. Here's a few pictures of her I put together (the middle one was taken by the shelter):

And here's a picture taken by the shelter of her and her 3 kittens:

Since moving here, the used car I got from my husband (which he had driven before, a few years ago) was getting worse and worse, mostly having acceleration problems. In May, I finally decided to get it looked at as I wanted to get it fixed, whatever it was. So, I made an appointment, and on that Saturday, both my husband and I went. Unfortunately, they thought I had wanted an oil change (they never actually asked over the phone what I wanted done, d'oh!). When I explained what I wanted, he asked what issues I was having. He thought it might be a transmission issue, which they didn't deal with there. He suggested another place to go to instead, but as it was a Saturday, we decided to just go home as they'd likely be all full. My husband lightly suggested we go to the Toyota dealership in town to test drive a Prius. I've wanted one for years, but have never actually sat in one before, lol. So, after lunch, we headed over. I jokingly told my husband, "I better not leave in a few hours with a new car" as that's what happened to my husband on one of his regular visits to the Audi dealership about a year previously. He ended up leaving with a new car, even though he didn't have any intentions to do so. Anyways, so, as with all car dealerships, as we began looking at cars, an employee came up and began talking with us. A few minutes later, I found myself test driving a Prius. After that was done, I found myself in his office, lol. He began to show me the different options and pricing and such. And, to make a long story short, a few hours later, I drove away with a brand new, 2013 Prius, leased under my name. LOL. Not how I had planned the day, but it is what it is, lol. I was happy though as this was MY first car! The one I was driving before was simply given to me and it didn't feel like MINE. Anyways, without further ado, a picture of me and my new car, the day after I bought it:

And I think finally, to wrap things up, I have two upcoming trips. Next week, my husband and I will both be going to Washington, DC. He has some work training there and I decided to tag along as I've never been there. This is what I did previously for Seattle and Chicago. So, very excited about that! But, I'm way more excited about a solo trip I'll be doing this September. FLORIDA!!! I'll be going to Disney and Universal over one week. I absolutely CANNOT wait! It's been more than 7 years since I've been and that's been way too long for this girl, haha.

Anyways, think that's all the major points. Oh, my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on May 21st :) It was great :D


Border Questions

So, I had forgotten to post this at the beginning of March when I returned from a trip to Canada. I had gone for a week since my grandmother had passed away and it was her funeral :(

Anyways, I got asked so many questions, I recorded them afterwards to post here, but clearly I forgot to do that, lol. Until now.

So, anyways, upon re-entry into the US after my trip, the border officer began with asking me how I got my green card (at first I thought she asked what kind of resident I was, but she repeated the question). I answered because I was the spouse of a US citizen. She quickly retorted about him obviously being a US citizen (even though there are visas out there for spouses of permanent residents, doh!).

She then asked me why I had visited Canada (I replied for a funeral) and how long I had been there (one week). She asked if I was bringing anything back or if I bought anything (nope and nope).

Then, with a weird look, she asked if I was the spouse of someone in the military. I replied with no, and thought why the hell did she ask that? No one I know has been in the military, neither my family or my husband's.

Next, she confirmed my address and asked if it was an apartment. She continued on to ask where I worked.

Finally, she asked how long I had been a resident She then proceeded to stamp my passport, which I thought was a little weird (among other things she had asked, lol). Then she wished me good luck.

All in all, I had much less problems/questions when I had my EXPIRED green card. But, at least I was let through. Hopefully I have less issues next time I visit Canada, whenever that will be.


Monday, March 17, 2014


So, after some discussion on this thread on VJ, I wrote an updated wiki on the NVC process, incorporating links and an FAQ I wrote from previous posts. It's now being used as an NVC guide on VisaJourney, so woohoo :)

You can find the wiki here. Took me more than 3 hours to put together, so hope everyone likes it ^_^


Monday, September 16, 2013

Timeline Updated

Back when I had first gotten my two year green card, I put my entire immigration timeline into a picture (see post here). Well, now that I'm done with another step (ROC), I decided to update that image with all the important dates.


(click to enlarge)

Since this is a lot more detailed than the list of dates that was permanently on the right side of my blog, I decided to take down that list and just replace it with this image instead (it enlarges when you click on it).



So, it's finally here! :D

I was a little worried because my mail lady came and dropped off mail. I immediately went to the mail box, but nothing was inside. Yet, the tracking for my green card said it was out for delivery. I was hoping it wasn't accidentally put into any of the other mail boxes (I live in an apartment). But, about 5 minutes later, the mail lady returned and plopped in a bunch more mail, including my green card! Phew!!

Without further ado, here's a picture :)

And now I don't have to deal with USCIS for another 10 years, woohoo! :)