Thursday, May 2, 2013

Package Delivered!

As the title says, my package was delivered today! :)

As I mentioned in my last post, CSC (as well as VSC) have slowed down on issuance of NOAs. Because of this, I decided to make an InfoPass appointment with my "local" field office (local being a 6 hour drive!) in Minneapolis (did I mention it's not even in the same STATE?), so I can get a stamp in my passport which will extend my green card's validity. Managed to get a date for May 14 (2 days after my green card expires). I'm hoping the letter arrives before then and I can just cancel the appointment, but I'm leaning more towards no, based off the data I'm seeing on VJ.

Besides having an expired green card, I want the extension letter asap as I'm hoping to travel to Canada May 31-June 5. I would think almost a month would be enough time to get the letter from USCIS, but who knows with those people! Keeping all my fingers crossed!


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