Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So, I thought it was time to do an updates post as it's been a few months since my last post. So, enjoy the lengthy updates :)

Trips: Shortly after my Canadian trip back in June, I went to the Mall of America (in Minneapolis) at the end of July with Ben and his grandmother. That is the biggest mall I've ever been to! Like 4 floors and an aquarium in the basement! And an amusement park!! Then, a few short weeks after that, I went to Seattle with Ben. He had some work training there, so I decided to tag along. Although we had to take separate flights (both there and back) cause his work paid for his flights, but they were too expensive for me so I had to find alternatives. But anyways, we both managed to get there within an hour of each other. While he was in training for 2 days, I explored the city all on my own. And I got to use public transportation!! (Yes, I'm excited about that, lol) And of course, saw the Space Needle! On the weekend, when his training was over, both Ben and I went up the Space Needle to see the city below. Absolutely beautiful!

Work: Going well. Still at Target :) As of a few months ago (August), I've been there a year now :) Not looking forward to this upcoming Black Friday though. My shift is 5am (yes, AM, morning!) to 3:30pm. Ten and a half hours!! Eep! Hopefully, I'm not too exhausted!

School: Almost done! Graduating this upcoming May with two degrees. Pretty excited. Not excited about the fact that I'm taking 25 credits next semester! On the bright side (it's small, but bright), I'm taking 21 credits till March, then the last 2 months will be just the internship I have to do. Hopefully I find somewhere to "work" and get some experience.

Birthday: Hmm, what else? Well, it was my 24th birthday last month (10/10) :) Didn't really do too much special on that day. Ben did get me flowers though! And not at home, he sent them to school!! I was in the library, doing homework, when I got a call from the school's front office, saying a package arrived for me. I immediately head there and discover these gorgeous flowers sitting there. Here's a picture:

Beautiful, right? :) Anyways, that weekend after my birthday, we went down to Sioux Falls (one of the bigger cities in South Dakota, lol) and went out to supper with some friends (who also had a birthday that week), then went to see Taken 2 in theaters. Great birthday weekend!

Credit card: Also, back in September (I believe), I applied for a second credit card (from Amazon, to get points, lol). I was a little nervous to apply online as I didn't know if I'd get approved or not. But, I did!! Got a response within a few minutes after submitting my application. When I got the letter in the mail with my new card, it listed my credit score and I don't recall the exact number, but it was in the high 600's. Pretty good for only moving to the US last year!

Immigration: And that's all I can think about for updates right now. I'm still on VisaJourney (of course, lol!). Oh, I'll be eligible to apply for ROC in a few months (mid-February). It's kind of sad, but I'm actually excited to do paperwork! Although, not looking forward to dishing out like $600 >_<

Anywho, hope everyone is doing well!