Saturday, October 8, 2011

Driver's license

So back in June after I got my SSN, I went to the DMV here in town and tried applying for a driver's license. Since I had a valid Canadian driver's license, I wouldn't need to take the written or road test, just the vision test. Well, after waiting about 2 hours to get called up, I was only up at the counter for about 5 minutes since I completely failed the vision test. The lady asked me how long I've had my glasses for and told her I've had the same ones for about 7 years. She suggested I go get an eye exam, get new glasses, and come back to try again.

So, since I knew an eye exam and new frames/lenses would be expensive, I waited until I had a job so I had the money to afford it. As you all should know, I got a job in August. I procrastinated for a few weeks (as is usual for myself XD), but since October 10th was coming up (my birthday!), my Quebec driver's license was going to become invalid as we have to pay an $80 fee each year to keep it valid. So, now I had a deadline. I got my eye exam done September 29th. Then went back the next day to pick out frames and choose what lenses I wanted. On October 5th, I got a call saying my glasses were ready. The next day, after my class was finished at school, I biked to the DMV. This time around, no one was there! I just had to fill out the form, and I was brought up immediately. About 20 minutes later (after successfully passing the vision test), I had my new South Dakota driver's license in my hands! And I thought I would have to wait a week or two, like I had to with Quebec. But nope, it was available right away!

Anyway, here's a picture of me with my new driver's license :D