Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trip to Canada

Just booked my flight to Canada :)

Leaving from Fargo on May 31st around 4pm, 2.5 hour layover in Minneapolis, and arriving in Montreal around 11pm. Staying until June 6th, where I leave around 6pm, 2 hour layover in Minneapolis, and arriving back in Fargo around 11pm. Then a 2 hour drive home XD

Keeping all fingers crossed I get my NOA (aka extension letter) before I leave. I still have my InfoPass appointment with USCIS in Minneapolis. I actually just changed the date to a week later, giving me some more time to get the letter, so it's now scheduled for May 23rd (Thursday). I'll change it again for some week of the 27th next Thursday when the next week's work schedule is released.

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