Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Check cashed, NOA updates

So, yesterday, when I woke up, I had a text from my husband saying our check had finally been cashed, woohoo! Although right before I went to bed Monday night (5/13) at midnight, there was nothing there. Yet, when I looked at my bank account on Tuesday (5/14), it said the posted date of the check was 5/13. Hmmm. Well, regardless, I was happy yesterday!

But, I'm even happier today!! A little past 10am, I heard the mail man arrive at our apartment and heard the mailboxes being open and letters put in. As soon as I heard the door close behind them, I grabbed my keys and rushed out. Inside my mailbox was only ONE letter. Wanna guess what it was? My NOA letter from USCIS!!!! *huge grin*

So, I'm now "legal" again as my green card expired on Sunday. And I cancelled my InfoPass appointment, saving me almost 10 hours total of driving, woohoo!

Today's a great day! :D



  1. That is so awesome! only 2 weeks in limbo!
    I sure hope that the USCIS starts to process these faster!
    Are you planning to create a timeline blog for ROC for CR-1?
    You have been such a help to me and my hubbie. You are my go to girl for info...we are similar in our timeframes!

    1. Thanks! Both service centers have thankfully started to catch up on their backlog that started middle of last month. Time's are slowly going down at issuing NOAs and cashing checks.
      And this blog is all about my immigration journey, so there's no point in creating another blog for the same thing. The immigration journey doesn't just stop once you move to the US, there's still processes afterwards, just like ROC. Citizenship would be another example, but as I'm not planning on doing that, you won't see my personal journey on here, although I did detail the process when I first started the blog.