Sunday, April 29, 2012


Forgot to post this the other week, but I recently made a flowchart showing the different stages for the IR-1/CR-1 process: USCIS, NVC, Medical/Interview/POE.

 Here it is (click to enlarge):

You can also find it on Google Docs, here. If you want to print it out or something ;)

Also, thanks for all the votes in my previous post! There's a definite winner. If you haven't voted, please do so! I greatly appreciate it! :)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Website URL

Hi everyone! *waves*

So, I've been slowly working on my site (kinda hard between school and work, but I squeeze some time in). Just been working on the content so far, not the actual code yet.

Anyways, I don't know what URL to buy yet, and I was hoping you guys could help me out a little! I've created this poll and I'd really appreciate it if you could vote for your favorite URL out of the choices. It's all anonymous, so no one will know. I'd just like to get an idea of what other people would like. It'll take just one second of your time. Choose a button next to your favorite and hit vote. That's all! Thanks to everyone who votes!

Which URL do you prefer? free polls 


EDIT: So, I've removed the poll from this post as I miss my theme. I went with another poll site that uses different code, and it's appearing to function properly with my theme. If you want to see the results from the previous poll, you can view the results here.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Spent about an hour putting together this very thorough timeline of my immigration process (as well as the relationship and visits). Enjoy :)

(click to enlarge)


P.S. Happy Easter weekend everyone!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Special Announcement ^_^

No, I'm not pregnant if that's what you're thinking :P

For a couple weeks now, I've had an idea stirring and have recently started to act on it. What's this idea you ask? My very own website dealing with US immigration! It'll be just information-based though, no forums or anything like that.

But I need your help, folks. I'm stuck on what my domain/title should be. So, I'd appreciate all comments and suggestions. Here's what I've got so far: (or .info or .net or .us) - Journey Through US Immigration* (or .info or .net or .us) - Immigration Momma** (.com, .info, .net are all taken >_< ) - Journey Through US Immigration(?)

*This term was created in the March thread as a name for myself XD
** My username on VJ (as well as other sites and such)

So, I need help on deciding on a domain, as well as the ending domain (.com, .info, .net, .us). Thoughts anyone?


So, what will you actually find on my eventual, public website? Well, here's my current menu (might evolve later on):

Types of Visas and Costs
List of all the various US visas as well as the costs for an IR-1/CR-1 visa (form fees and such).

Overview of Process
My own summary of the entire immigration process (from USCIS to NVC to medical to interview to POE/green card/SSN and even beyond to ROC and citizenship). I'm possibly going to create my own flowchart for a visual summary.

Little check boxes the user can check off for each package/stage to make sure everything is included (so pretty much a listing of documents needed, but more interactive for the user).

Forms and Correspondence
A link to all forms needed in this process (divided by stage: USCIS, NVC, etc). My own cover letters, additional sheets, employment letter, as well as my own filled out forms (using different information of course). I'm going to upload pictures of USCIS notices (NOA1, NOA2), tax transcripts, green card, SSN (all with information redacted, obviously). And I'm going to include correspondence received from USCIS and NVC.

Current Time Frames
As the name suggests, it'll be current time frames for various parts of the process (I-130 approval, case number assigned, DS-3032 accepted, etc etc). As some of these time frames constantly change, I'll be updating this page most often. Also going to include a link to my NVC processing times spreadsheet.

Pretty self explanatory. Going to copy the FAQ I created for the March 2011 thread on VJ (found here:

Going to copy most of the links/guides from the first post of each monthly NVC thread I create (March's can be found here: Also going to include links to embassy/consulate info, proof of bona fide relationship evidence list, interview questions, medical info, how to get tax transcripts, etc.

Going to copy my tips from my wiki (under the 'List of Common RFEs'). Also going to include tips on how to get Skype logs/chats for relationship evidence.

Contact Information
Include email address and phone numbers for: USCIS, NVC, DOS, as well as their hours.

Section I'm most excited about :D I'm going to be creating my own videos on: filling in forms (every single one!), how to organize packages and interview folder, how to track your package by DHL, how to check sites (USCIS, NVC portals), how to scan things (for EP), and how to use the immigration timeline function on VJ.

Directly linking to this blog :)

I'm going to include a link of VJ for reviews, as well as including my own medical review, interview review, and POE review.

My Story
I'm going to write out a short description of how our relationship evolved, including each other's visits, as well as my previous denials. I'm going to include my full timeline, from start to finish. I'm going to include pictures throughout our relationship. And finally, a link to my VJ profile.

Just a short contact form for questions/comments/suggestions.

And, a sneak peak for all my followers:

That'll be the home page. Of course, more will be added :P But this is what I got out of working on the site for like the first hour or so.

So, if you have any suggestions for my site, I'll gladly take them. And I'll more than likely be blogging about my progress here :)

I've actually already gotten my first video created and uploaded! To see the video (and hear what I sound like :P ), click this link for the YouTube video: It's just for the G-1145, so nothing exciting at all :P Tell me what you guys think :)