Monday, December 20, 2010

Summary of immigration process

I thought it'd be a good idea to do a summary of the major steps needed from the filing an I-130 all the way to becoming a US citizen. I've linked every step to that specific blog post about it.


-File an I-130


-Send the DS-3032

-Send the I-864

-Send the DS-230

US Embassy:

-Have the medical

-Have the interview


-Go through the border, get the green card and SSN

-Remove conditions (only if a CR-1 visa holder)

-Get naturalized (optional)

And those are all the steps to getting a spousal visa. Not that many steps, but each step is very time-consuming and includes a lot of paperwork needed.

The rest of this blog will be specifically about my own personal experiences since I explained every step in as much detail as possible (unless something gets changed about a part of the process). There will be a lot to write about during the NVC process and I can't wait to write about my experiences through that. Very soon I shall be!


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