Monday, October 25, 2010

I-864 explained

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Today I thought I'd explain everything about the I-864 form that's needed later on at the NVC stage (approximately 4 months from now, but hoping less than that). This form is essentially to show proof that the petitioner can financially support the beneficiary when they arrive in the USA.

Before sending in the form and supporting documents, you first have to wait for the AoS fee to appear on the payment portal. Once it is paid for and appears as 'PAID' on the site, then the I-864 documents can be sent in.

Ben and I will probably be using the I-864EZ form. It's essentially the same as the I-864, but if you don't have any assets, this is a shorter form to fill out. Since Ben doesn't have any assets, it would be better to use this form.

The documents needed are:
-cover letter explaining what is included in the package
-receipt that you paid for the bill and that it was approved
-the I-864/I-864EZ form
-last 3 years of tax transcripts (I've read on VJ that only one year is required, but just to be safe, send in 3)
-employment letter (signed by boss explaining what your job is, since when you have been employed, and your salary)
-pay stubs from last 6 months

On each page of the above documents, the case number must be written on the top right corner.

The I-864 is a pretty straight-forward package. If you're making more than 125% of the poverty level for your household size, then you're good to go. If you're not, then you will need a co-sponsor. At Ben's current job, he is making about $40k per year. As per the poverty guidelines, he is able to sponsor a household of 6. And since we're only two people, we'll definitely be good.


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