Friday, December 10, 2010

Police check and two updates

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So, on Monday I headed to downtown Montreal to get a police record check. Found a cheaper place than my local police station. Someone on VJ linked this site and since it was $20 cheaper, decided to go for it. It's supposed to take 7-10 days, so I should get it sometime next week. I don't know if those "7-10 days" are business days are not, but either way, should get it by next Friday, latest the Monday after.

Still no news on our NOA2, but I have faith that it will be coming very soon. So many people have been getting approved with NOA1 dates in September. Looking on this site of VJ, there's already 12 people that were approved at the end of November, beginning of December.

Oh, and other good news, Ben booked a flight the other day to come visit me for Christmas! He'll be leaving Wednesday afternoon (the 22nd) after work and fly back Sunday (the 26th) evening. He won't be taking any days off since Thursday and Friday are holidays, so he'll have two vacation days (if I remember correctly) to carry over to next year. Oh, and I had much fun tracking his flight in real time at Flight Stats. You put in some info about the flight, and you can watch on a Google map where the plane is exactly. It even gives info on the plane's altitude, its bearing, how fast it's going, and much more. From now on, whenever Ben flies I'll be using that website. It keeps me entertained as I wait down the hours for him to arrive in Montreal. ^_^



  1. Hello,

    For your police certificate, there are always two options, one with fingerprints and one without, which one did you submit? Thanks!

    1. One without. You only need to get fingerprints if you committed a crime. See here for more information: (scroll down to Police Records).