Monday, February 7, 2011


I created a new album on Photobucket called immigration. I then moved the DS-261 screenshots album into that album, so the link will be different. The new link is:

I also created another sub-album called Payment Portal screenshots which you can find here: So far I have two screenshots, one showing where you see and pay bills, the other showing where you can see and fill out the online forms. I'll most likely add another one to show what it looks like when a bill is looked at in a few minutes.

If you want to just see the general Immigration album, it's here: From there, you can choose the sub-albums.

I'm planning on uploading a copy of the correspondence I got from NVC as well soon, so keep an eye open for that too.

If there's anything else you want a screenshot of, please leave a comment and I'll do it.


EDIT: I uploaded the screenshots of the receipt page in the payment portal sub-album. I also uploaded the 4 page document I received last Friday. You can view this at the sub-album NVC information email here:

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  1. Hello I paid the all the required fees from the nvc website which were the aos fee and the iv fee, i know the medical is a seperate fee but was wondering about the asc fee can you give me info on that, is it not included, how much is is and where do we pay that?
    Thank you.