Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Email addresses, ID number, and optin email

*Reference link to abbreviations/terms post*

So, I got off the phone awhile ago with another operator (Brooke). I was able to give her our email addresses. Took her a little longer on mine since she mis-heard some letters. After that was done, I requested for the beneficiary ID number that's needed for the online forms and she gave that to me after searching for it for a bit.

After that, I sent off an email to opt-in for electronic processing. Now to wait for an acceptance from NVC which can take up to 10 business days (according to the auto response email).

Also hoping the payment portal updates so we can pay the AoS fee. I'm sure this is one bill Ben is excited to pay for. I'm also keeping an eye out for when the site updates so I can submit the DS-261. It's still saying this case is not eligible for further processing at NVC as it said this early afternoon when we first got our case number and IIN. It better update by tomorrow or I'm going to call another operator to complain.



  1. Hey Lindsay,
    It's me again (Sarai)... sorry to bother you again...
    I was reading your post and says that you sent an e-mail to opt-in for electronic processing...
    My husband said that they already have our e-mail... I just wonder if you must send it anaways?

  2. The optin email isn't for NVC to get your email addresses. The point is so you optin for electronic processing, and you need to send the optin email or your case doesn't get transferred to an EP case.

  3. And how do you that?

  4. I found it online, thanks!