Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Case number and IIN assigned!

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So, a few minutes before 12pm, I decided to call up NVC to see if there was a case number assigned to us. It took nearly 90 attempts over 10 minutes just to get through to the phone line. I decided not to call the AVR just to have to wait again to talk to an operator, so I went directly to an operator.

Was on hold again for about 30 minutes when I finally got through. Gave the operator our CIS receipt number and she put me on hold. The guy last night hadn't put me on hold, so I was wondering what was happening. I thought she might have hung up on me or something, but after two minutes she came back. And then told me wonderful news. Our case had just been entered into the system. I asked for the case number and she gave it to me. I then asked if the IIN was available and she said yes and I got that as well. Woot!

Unfortunately, I was so happy about finally getting a case number, I completely forgot to give the operator our email addresses. I realised this only like 20 minutes later. D'oh! I decided to eat and then call back up.

This time, only took once to get through to NVC and then another 20 minutes or so on hold. I gave the operator this time our new NVC case number (you can either give your CIS number or NVC case number). She asked what she could do for me, I told her I wanted to give the email addresses of the petitioner and beneficiary. She then asked me who Ben was, I replied the petitioner. She asked me who Lindsay was, I replied the beneficiary. She then asked if I was one of those people, and I'm like yes, I'm Lindsay. She then asked for my birth date and then asked for Ben. She said alright, and asked again what she could do for me. (Do operators forget that quickly?!) I repeated I wanted to give our email addresses. She then told me that she couldn't input anything into the system at the moment since someone in another department was putting our information literally at that same moment. She suggested I call back either tomorrow or later on today. I told her thank you, and she apologized she couldn't help me.

So, I've been calling up the AVR every hour or so to see if they have a record of our case, either with our CIS number or our new NVC case number. Still nothing yet. I'm going to call an operator later tonight, probably right after supper. Thank goodness they're available until 12 midnight.

I'll update later with what happens tonight after I call again!


EDIT: After getting our case number and IIN, tried going on to the payment portal site, but the AoS fee isn't invoiced yet, so we still have to wait. Hopefully by tomorrow the fee is invoiced so it might possibly appear as PAID by Friday to already send in our I-864 package!

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