Friday, February 25, 2011

Re-sent documents

So, called an operator up again today. Instead of getting the usual reply of "it could be 20 business days", this operator suggested I actually re-send the documents since it's been 3 weeks. So, I just re-sent our I-864 and DS-260 packages by email.

The operator mentioned that our case was only changed to EP on February 17, yet we sent our documents before that. But if they process the emails in order, then technically, by the time they get to my email for the I-864, they'll have switched me to EP since I had sent the optin email three days earlier.

Two days before our optin was accepted, an operator actually suggested to me to re-send the optin email since they hadn't switched our case to EP yet.

I'm hoping the same thing happens now where they're just really behind on emails and they'll get to our February 4th email of our I-864 package soon. It wouldn't make sense to have to wait for optin acceptance to email things if they process emails in order.



  1. Hey Lindsay,
    My name is Sarai(Mexican) and we are also working on getting my paperwork done, we already paid the NVC invoices and the lawyer said to my hubby to wait for the NVC to send the DS230 packet to send the info... it's been almost 3 months since the payment was processed and no packet in the mail yet... I'm trying to convince my husband to either switch lawyer (for one that is willing to file online) or get him to do it himself... he says that he doesn't want to mess it up... is if difficult to file online? Too many hassles?

  2. Wow, you definitely aren't supposed to wait on NVC to send you things. It can take forever. I have yet to receive any info on the AOS and my case is already complete.

    If your country is Mexico and your case number starts with MEP, you're actually REQUIRED to do electronic processing and the online forms. Check this link out: There's no hassle at all and I found it very easy. Plus sending documents through email was fast and free!

  3. I didn't know that we are required to do it... everything is kind of confusing for me... the lawyer says one thing and the NVC says another... then my hubby called another lawyer and said to wait.... so we don't know what to do???
    God, I just want to go ahead and file online but my husband is not so sure...
    The first thing he needs to do would be to get that ID right?

  4. Yeah, unfortunately, some lawyers don't keep themselves up to date with new procedures. Yes, to do the online form, you're going to need the Invoice ID Number and Beneficiary ID number. You can ask an operator for those two numbers. You should have also gotten an information package from NVC with the same information.

  5. Maybe the lawyer got it, everything has gone through her... it´s just hard to make my husband understand it he says that the lawyer knows better... thanks for answering I´m feeling overwhelmed about all this and one of my kids needs to see an especialist, that´s why we need to get to the States ASAP, but this wait is killing me...

  6. Did you give your email addresses over to an operator when the case number was first assigned? If so, then you, your husband, and your lawyer should all have received correspondence. If not, then yes, your lawyer would have been the only one to get it. Well, if you don't want to call your lawyer to get the information, just call an operator up and ask for it. You can then sign onto the payment portal site and fill out the online DS-260. Have you sent the AOS package yet?

  7. Nothing yet... I finally got my husband to call NVC and now he´s going to file online he said he got the ID number already and is going to log in to start... I just wanted to say thank you so much.... I felt alone on this and since my husband works basically all day is hard for him to research and so.... but he finally gave in, Thank God!
    Your blog is awesome and I´m sure I´ll get back to it and to you if we have any questions.... hopefully charge free, ha!!!

  8. No problem! If you have any other questions, just ask! I give free advice ;)