Saturday, July 5, 2014

Border Questions

So, I had forgotten to post this at the beginning of March when I returned from a trip to Canada. I had gone for a week since my grandmother had passed away and it was her funeral :(

Anyways, I got asked so many questions, I recorded them afterwards to post here, but clearly I forgot to do that, lol. Until now.

So, anyways, upon re-entry into the US after my trip, the border officer began with asking me how I got my green card (at first I thought she asked what kind of resident I was, but she repeated the question). I answered because I was the spouse of a US citizen. She quickly retorted about him obviously being a US citizen (even though there are visas out there for spouses of permanent residents, doh!).

She then asked me why I had visited Canada (I replied for a funeral) and how long I had been there (one week). She asked if I was bringing anything back or if I bought anything (nope and nope).

Then, with a weird look, she asked if I was the spouse of someone in the military. I replied with no, and thought why the hell did she ask that? No one I know has been in the military, neither my family or my husband's.

Next, she confirmed my address and asked if it was an apartment. She continued on to ask where I worked.

Finally, she asked how long I had been a resident She then proceeded to stamp my passport, which I thought was a little weird (among other things she had asked, lol). Then she wished me good luck.

All in all, I had much less problems/questions when I had my EXPIRED green card. But, at least I was let through. Hopefully I have less issues next time I visit Canada, whenever that will be.


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