Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Medical review

I survived! I survived! :D

So, my appointment was at 10am at Medisys in downtown Montreal today. I had asked months ago if my dad was willing to come with me for moral support. Plus I knew I wouldn't be able to drive; I'd be too nervous. Anyways, my dad and I left at 9am. We got there like exactly at 10am.

Waited in line till the receptionist was available. Told her I was there for a medical. She found my file and then asked for my interview letter. I had only brought the first page, and she asked where the rest was, so I'm guessing I was supposed to bring all the pages, not just the first. But she took what I had, thankfully, and made a photocopy. She then took my passport (made a photocopy of that too) and stapled my 3 pictures to various papers. She then took my vaccination record. I was given a paper (front and back) to fill out. It asked me my name, date of birth, whether I've had any of the diseases listed, if I was on medication, etc. Also, females: it asks when your last menstrual period was, so make a note of the date. I think I got the date right for mine, but who knows, lol.

After I finished filling out the paper, I brought it back to the receptionist. She then told me to wait till my name was called. I barely had time to sit back down before I was called. I followed the doctor into his office. He told me to undress to my underwear and socks behind a curtain and put on a gown. He then asked me a few questions as I was undressing. Once I was done, he did a standard physical exam. Checked my eyes, ears, and throat, took my blood pressure, listened to me breathe, and the funnest: hit my kneecap with that thing (which I've never had done before, so I was amused). I then got re-dressed. This part took all of like 5 minutes and was very quick.

I then had to go back to the waiting room. About 10 minutes later, my name was called again, by someone different, and was for the X-rays. I was showed to a little cubicle (felt like a bathroom stall, minus the toilet) and told to take off my shirt and bra, along with any jewelry, and told to put on a gown. I did that and then waited, as instructed, inside the cubicle for my name to be called. A few minutes later, a woman called my name and was shown inside the X-ray room. I was given this heavy thing to tie around my waist. I faced this white board and told to take a deep breath and hold it as the X-ray was taken. I then had to go in another position. This time my left arm was against the white board. Again, I took a deep breath and held it. That was all for the X-ray. The woman instructed me to go back to the cubicle and wait till she looked at the X-rays before getting dressed to make sure they were okay. Once I was cleared, I got dressed again and was given a red paper to hand to the receptionist. All in all, the X-ray part took about 10 minutes to do.

The longest wait now began. All I had left was the blood test. It was about 30 minutes before my name was called by another person, Melissa. She asked me how I was and I told her I was extremely nervous about the blood test. She then asked if I had gotten the influenza shot this year and told her no. She said then I'd have to get it done. I told her that I had read that flu season for immigration ended March 31. She told me to wait a second as she left the room to go talk to someone. She returned and told me that no, flu season only ended April 30. I had to get another needle stuck in me!! Anyways, blood test was up first. I requested a butterfly needle, so she got that ready. My dad was in the room with me and he came over next to me. I then started to squeeze the crap out of his hand as Melissa (such a nice nurse by the way) started "prepping" my arm. This was my first blood test ever, so I didn't know what to expect. The only pain I felt was the prick as the needle went in. Then it just felt weird (in a not good way) having the needle just sitting there in my arm. Finally it was over and the needle was out. I didn't faint! Melissa then left to get the other nurse who would be giving me the flu shot. She then came in with Melissa and prepped my left arm again for the vaccine. I began to squeeze my dad's hand again and Melissa started asking me questions to distract me. Thankfully, vaccines are quicker and   the needle was out quickly. I breathed a sigh of relief; no more needles! I said aloud that I deserved a lollipop and Melissa went to the cupboard and actually gave me a lollipop! I got up and felt a little light-headed, so Melissa told me to sit back down. She asked if I had anything to eat this morning, and I replied no as I wasn't feeling well. She then got some orange juice from a fridge that was in the room and gave it to me. After drinking that, I then felt I was okay to go back to the waiting room.

I was told I'd have to wait 20 minutes before leaving to see if I'd have a reaction to the flu shot. At like 12pm, the receptionist called me up. Told me to call before coming back to pick up the results next week. I then forked over my credit card to pay the $240 bill. It would have only cost $215, but getting the influenza shot wasn't free, so.

And that's it! All in all, I was at Medisys for exactly 2 hours. If it hadn't been for any of the waiting, I could have been done within 30 minutes. I'll be going back next Tuesday to pick up the results of the medical, along with my X-rays.


P.S. My left arm is extremely sore. I now realise that typing with only one hand is difficult and I hope this soreness goes away soon.

P.P.S. I'd like to give a huge shout out to my dad. I'm so thankful he was willing to drive me there and back again and coming inside with me for the blood test. Thank you daddy!! :D


  1. hehe thanks for the review, it was helpful :) Did you also have to present a note from a gynecology before your exam?

  2. You're welcome. Nope, no note needed from gynecology (don't have one) or a doctor unless you're on medication.

  3. Thank you for posting such a thorough review. Just one question though, is it okay to bring passport style photos from the US? I had a few taken at CVS, so they're 2x2. I will be going to the same office when my time comes for the medical. Are you from Quebec?

  4. Yes, the pictures are required to be US style, so 2" x 2".
    Yes, I live here in Montreal, Quebec. Where do you live?

  5. Vancouver, BC. My husband and I will be driving from Boston to Montreal though when our case completes at NVC. It's about a 6 hr drive, not too bad and a lot cheaper than both of us flying round trip.

    After reading your guide on EP, I might just consider it since it only took you about a month hassel-free (I think?)

  6. Driving will definitely be a lot cheaper than plane tickets for two people. I'm glad I already live in Montreal so it's just a drive away to the US consulate.

    Yeah, I was in NVC for 37 days. It might have gone faster if we mailed packages though since you have to wait for the optin email to be accepted and that takes 2-3 weeks. Then I had to re-send my documents like a week after the acceptance since NVC still hadn't received them. But EP is absolutely free compared to mailing 2 packages to NVC which can cost quite a bit.

  7. I'm glad everything went fine with your medical exam and blood test.
    And thanks for posting about this whole deal it gives me an idea of what will happen then.
    You are getting your results until next week, so good you live in Montreal, I wonder if it takes that long to get it done in Cd. Juarez, then I'd have to be there for a long time... not really looking forward to it, I hope I can get that done faster... anyways we haven't even filed our whole case, if everything goes well James will file the AOS today...
    Thanks Lindsay for being there to everyone that has questions.

  8. Well, as far as I know, everything went fine. I only get my results back next week. And it doesn't usually take long to get results back, it's within 3 business days. They'll be ready Monday, but I can only get them on Tuesday since I won't have access to a car on Monday.
    Good luck with your case. I hope the AOS can be sent today for you guys! :)

  9. Did the Dr. ask you anything about past drug use? Ive heard stories about people being denied because they "experimented" once or twice with Weed. Just wondering if they even bothered questioning you on it?

  10. There was a question on the form about past drug use, but I checked 'no' as I've never done drugs. Because of this, the doctor didn't ask me anything. I'm sure that if someone checked 'yes', then the doctor would ask about it.

  11. I have a question about a vaccine, did you get the Human Papilloma Virus one?
    Here in Mexico you get it if you are under 12 years old or you can get it if you pay for it but it's ridiculously expensive.
    On the list it says that it's 192 dollars, which is kind of expensive too...
    I wonder if I need to get it
    I hope you are having a good day

  12. Nope, didn't need to get that one. You can see the list of required vaccines here:
    I'm having a good day. The soreness is finally all gone from my left arm where I got the flu shot. And no other side effects, so :) Hope you're having a great day too ;)

  13. My mom got that vaccine a few years ago, she said that was fine until she actually got the flu and was in bed for a couple of days, I heard that story from several people too.
    I guess also depends on each person, but my mom is very healthy though.
    I really hope you don't have any problems at all, I had that vaccine last December and so far nothing bad happened.
    Tks for the info!

  14. Yeah, I have someone on Facebook that I met on VisaJourney that 3 days later got sick and was in bed for the weekend after getting the flu shot. But I feel great, so no side effects for me, thank goodness.
    Make sure you double-check on the vaccines with the panel physician in Mexico, but the link I gave you should be the only vaccines you need.

  15. Awesome review Although I have already been through all this. You are quite the blogger I must say. Are you less nervous about future needles now? Needles and me dont get along but now that I am pregnant I have no choice but to pretend to like it he he

    Take care,
    Your almost there!!!!
    Canadiandggal :P (Devon)

  16. Yeah, I want to blog this whole immigration journey ^_^ Every single step.

    And despite having two needles that day, I'm still terrified as ever of them. I don't know if I'll ever get over that fear XD

    And I can't believe I'm almost there! :D

  17. I noticed that you didn't mention the nurses or doctor measuring your height and weight. Did you not have to do that?

  18. Oh yeah, I realised a few days after writing my review that I forgot to mention that. In the last room I was called to, for the blood test, they have a weight machine where you stand on it and the nurse will calibrate it and take your weight. And then I believe they took my height as well with another machine. They also did an eye test. Since I wear eye glasses, I kept those on. I was only able to read like the 3rd line from the top. Thank god you don't need to read the last line to pass the medical otherwise I would have failed XD

  19. Hi Lindsay, thank you so much for the review. i will have my turn, soon, i hope :D it's ok with those needles, i will just imagine that my husband is there with me hehe :)

    btw, it's $240! that's very expensive!


  20. You're welcome. Hopefully the review helped you to prepare :)

    And it's $215 for the medical. The only reason mine was $240 was because I had to get a flu shot, which I wasn't expecting otherwise I would have gotten it for free beforehand.

    It's expensive, but unfortunately it's required to get the visa.

  21. Hi There,
    Besides your immunization records, did you bring a medical history from your doctor or did they just ask you questions? Thanks you

  22. No, I didn't bring a medical history (I don't even have a family doctor, lol) as I've never been hospitalized, had a medical condition, or been on prescribed medications. Here's a great link on what you need to bring to the medical (for Canadians, may be other things needed in other countries):

  23. I'm confused - do you have to get the required vaccinations done BEFORE your medical exam? Or do they give you all of the vaccinations if you're missing them?

  24. No, you don't HAVE to get the vaccinations before hand. But I had them all as my parents kept me up to date on vaccinations. If you are missing some (or all), then most panel physicians will provide them for you. The only downside to this though is that most panel physicians will charge an outrageous amount, compared to getting most vaccinations for free at a clinic.

  25. Hi...just wondering if you had Hep A, menigicoccal, and rotavirus as an immunization or if you had already had that?

  26. I had those shots years ago (my parents made sure I got all the required vaccines at the appropriate ages), but they're NOT required for the medical for my age group, and if the immigrant in your case is between 18-64, they don't need them for the medical.

  27. I was just wondering as Hep A isn't a usual childhood vaccine, and rotavirus isn't a requirment in Canada for children but is for the US.
    I know they are not required as per the age category, but you have to show immunity ie childhood record or blood levels at the interview or you need to get the shots. I believe this to be true?

    Reason I am asking is I wouldn't of had those in childhood. thanks!


  28. I'm going to assume you're between the ages of 18-64, so you ONLY need the vaccinations listed here (make sure and read as two of them on this page are for those 18 and under): You do NOT need Hep A and you do NOT need rota virus for the medical. If it's not on the list, you do NOT need to show any proof whatsoever that you had them as they're NOT required for immigrant medicals in the age category of 18-64.

    Now, Hep A and rota virus ARE required for different age groups (12-23 months and 2-6 months, respectively). So, unless you have a child immigrating between those age groups, then you do NOT need to worry about those 2 vaccinations.