Monday, April 25, 2011

Car reserved

Quick update:

So, about an hour ago, I made a reservation on National for a car from Thursday, May 12th to Saturday, May 14! There was also an option to "Save Time" where you can input the driver's information (license, address, birth date, etc) to save time at the counter the day of the rental. Did that. Now I just need to wait about 16 days to go pick the car up! :D



  1. OMG all this sounds so exciting... but what would you do if you don't get your visa in time? Can you just change dates? I mean I really hope you have no problems at all... maybe I shouldn't worry.

  2. Yeah, I can just change dates. They only need like 5 minutes advance notice. There might be a change in price. Also, there might not be any cars available. That's why I'm hoping I get my visa back in time so it doesn't mess anything up.