Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I've never been so happy to see the words 'delivered'!

I was anxious all weekend for this second package to be delivered. As soon as I woke up this morning, I checked my USPS tracking. The last update since yesterday was that it was in the same sort facility as where my last package got delayed/lost. Then it finally departed that sort facility, making it's final way to Laguna Niguel, where CSC is located.

I went out to get groceries, and once I came back, I of course checked the tracking again. It arrived at the local post office there! I was elated as this was one step further than my original package. Although, the delivery date changed to tomorrow, I was just happy it made it to Laguna Niguel.

Then, like, 5 minutes ago, I decided to check again for the heck of it. And lo and behold, it said it was delivered!!! I pretty much freaked out, lol! So, USCIS (finally) has my response, after a nearly 2 week delay thanks to USPS.

Hopefully, I'll be getting an approval soon. I'd say about half of May filers have already been approved. I'm hoping it's my turn soon! Keeping all fingers crossed now for a swift approval!



  1. Congratulations Saylin!

    Perhaps you can help me. I am trying to fill out the Previous Addresses section of DS-260 Online form and cannot seem to get past this section as I keep getting this error message:

    "There is a gap greater than a month in the dates you have provided. Please include ALL addresses where you have lived since the date you turned 16 years old. The National Visa Center may ask for additional information regarding gaps in residency, which will result in a delay in scheduling your visa interview."

    The second sentence in the instruction below is extremely confusing:

    "Please provide the following information on all addresses you lived at since turning sixteen. Begin with your address immediately before your current address."

    1. Thanks! The error is saying there's a gap, when there shouldn't be. What dates are you putting?

  2. Hi Saylin,

    After clicking yes to "Have you lived anywhere other than this address since the age of sixteen?" we filled out the beneficiary's previous addresses starting with her address since turning sixteen and working our way up to her present address.

    Starting August 2002 (Date at age sixteen) and ending Oct 2013 (no gaps from "To Date" to the next address "From Date").

    Please advise. Thanks for you willingness to help others on their visa journeys.

    1. Can you please give me the exact dates? I can't help you otherwise.
      Also, unless they've changed things in 2 years, you're supposed to start with the most recent address and work backwards. Not the other way around like you are.

  3. Looks like we finally figured it out!

    I must say that the Previous Addresses section of DS-260 Online form was not at all intuitive to us.

    Apparently if you have lived in several places since your 16th birthday, the first step would be to list them out on a piece of paper and take a count.

    Then click on the + Add Another link the number of times as your count.

    Start entering all your addresses from the bottom of your computer screen and work your way up your computer screen. Make sure to start from "Date at age sixteen" (as listed on the top part of your computer screen in the present address section).

    Work your way up your computer screen until you get to present address (make sure there are no gaps "from dates" - "to dates" and then click on the save button to secure your information.

    Voila! No more error messages.

    1. That's basically what I explained above :P It's exactly like the DS-230, just online. Glad you got it sorted out!

  4. P/S: Thanks Saylin for all your responses. Your last note sparked a light bulb in my brain that led to us completing our DS-260 form. (By the way, the Previous Address section held us ransom for 4 days!)

    1. Glad I helped! Good luck on the rest of your process!

  5. reading this info is so helpful. after browsing in the net how to fill up in the previous address properly..it take me 2 days figuring it out. thanks.

  6. Hi Lindsay! Can you help me cuz I'm confused on my DS-260. On "Present and Previous Addresses" The NVC email me this:

    -- The applicant incorrectly completed the "Present and Previous Address" section of the Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration. The applicant must list all places he or she lived for at least six months since reaching 16 years of age. There can be no gaps greater than six months. --

    Present Adress
    Started living there at May 2003.But we moved out in 2009 and April 2013 we live here again.

    Started living there April 2009- April2012 (I'm 16years old in March2011)

    Another adrdress, started living May2012- April 2013

    Can you help me with this? I already submit it. Then they email me that there is a incorrect answer. I can't edit it. If I call NVC, and they unlocked it what will I put there. Help me please. Thank you. >:)

    1. Hey sorry, only saw this now when going through other comments. Did you still need help with this?

    2. Yes. I can't do anything. Can you help me?

    3. Ok, so from what you provided, you'd put your present address, starting from April 2013. The previous address would be from May 2012 to April 2013. The previous address after that would be from April 2009 to May 2012. Make sure there's no gaps, so that 2012 date should be in the same month, either April or May.

    4. Thank you so much Saylin. :-)

  7. Yes. I can't do anything. Can you help me?

  8. Hi Saylin,

    My name is Sal. Please help me answer this question.

    "Present and Previous Address "Have you lived anywhere other than this address since the age of sixteen?"

    I am filling it out DS260 for my wife. she lived in one address since her birth except when we got married. She lived with me for one month. Do I have to list the address she lived with me for a month? Please help me. Thanks!

    1. Remember, there's a difference between VISITING and LIVING. Are you sure she was actually living with you? Did she move all her stuff? Did she change her addresses over? Etc, etc. If not, I'd say she was merely just visiting for a month, so no, I wouldn't include that address, if that's the case.

  9. Hi, please help with the addresses in the DS-260

    I lived in two addresses while I have been a university student, but I didn't live for the whole three years there. As soon as I finish the last semester of each year I go back home until the next season.

    These are the sequence of my addresses

    - AUG 1987 to SEP 2012
    - SEP 2012 to JUN 2013
    - SEP 2013 to JUN 2014
    - SEP 2014 to JUN 2015

    (The last two addresses were the same location)
    Thanks in advance

  10. hi, I have a question regarding previous addresses since sixteen?
    my wife was born in Ecuador but she went to Spain at 18 years old.
    can i use this sequence of addresses?
    april 1990 to april 2009 -- Ecuador
    may 2009 to april 2013 --- Spain
    may 2013 to present time now -- Spain

    please help???????