Monday, August 19, 2013

Police Record Update

Just got back home from my little excursion.

I first went to the police department. Told the lady there that I needed a letter saying I had no criminal record. She asked for what purpose and I replied immigration. She went off to talk to someone and came back within a minute. She told me that I should go to the Clerk of Courts in the County Courthouse and get that done there.

Thankfully, the Courthouse isn't far from the police department; just a few blocks away. A kind gentleman (not sure if he worked there or not, lol) showed me where the Clerk of Courts was (I don't know the Courthouse at all with its maze of floors and offices, lol).

Once I got in, I explained to the lady there what I needed. Showed her the USCIS letter with the paragraph about needing a letter stating no criminal record. She produced a form I had to fill out. There were 3 searches I could choose: criminal, civil, or both. I wasn't sure if I needed criminal or civil, so I chose the 'both' option. Figured I'd cover all my bases that way.

There were 3 ways to receive the results: mail, email, or fax. Since I don't have a fax, that was out. I would have liked to get a hard copy in the mail, but it stated an envelope was needed, along with a stamp, which I did not have on me. So, I chose email. In the end, that'll probably be way faster to receive than snail mail anyways. Just hoping USCIS won't have issues with a printed email :/

As for the price, the lady told me I could check this box on the back of the form to waive the fee. I wasn't exactly sure WHY I was allowed to waive the fee, but if I didn't have to pay the $20 for the record search, that was fine by me, lol!

I asked how long it'd take to receive the results. She told me within 24-48 hours. I was hoping I'd be able to get it all done today, but alas, no such luck. So, hoping I'll get it back instead on the shorter end of that time frame since I want to mail this out ASAP, preferably tomorrow.

I'll post another update once I do receive the results and mail it out.



  1. Checkbox to waive the $20 fee. LOL! Why is there a fee if anybody can waive it? Maybe you'll get a better criminal record if you pay ;)
    Thinking more about it, it might be free if it's your own and 20 bucks if an employer would pull your record.

    1. Yeah, I'm thinking if it's a third party that needs to pull the record, there's a fee, but if it's for yourself, it's free. It's the only reason I could figure out, lol. Whatever the reason though, I'm happy!

  2. Hi Saylin, Did you have to get the police cert notarized for the NVC? The one in my husband's country came through email, too.

    1. I think you mis-read my post. This police certificate was for my ROC process and is not at all the same thing as the PCC needed for the NVC process for visa applicants. My PCC for my visa came in the mail, not by email. You should read the requirements for the PCC for your husband's country here: (type his country in the box, then jump down to the PCC section). Unless that's the only option for his country, I doubt NVC will accept something that came from email, as it won't look official.