Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Received green card!

So, on Ben's lunch break, he checked the mail and came back with two things for me!

The first item was another welcome letter. Said the same thing as the one that I received last week. The only difference was that the notice date was May 25.

The second, and more exciting, piece of mail was my green card. Arrived as Priority Mail, oh boy! Here's a picture of the contents of the envelope:

I thought the most interesting thing, besides the green card, was this small paper envelope they included and suggested putting your green card inside to prevent wireless communication with it. My green card fits very nicely inside :)

And, of course, the whole point of this post, the green card:

Let me tell you, there are a LOT of security features on this green card. And the back is super cool. There's this portion at the top that looks like a negative for old pictures, and if you look closely, there's a second picture of me, as well as info like my birth date, USCIS receipt number, A#, etc. Above this, there are tiny little pictures of all the US states. And then below, there's a picture of all the US presidents (including Obama, the newest). They definitely don't want this card to be forged in any way!

Now all I'm waiting for is the SSN! If I don't get it by this Thursday (3 weeks after POE), I'm heading to the SSA office on Friday. Hoping it arrives before then!



  1. That looks cool...congratulations finally!!!! i read somewhere that it has RFID chip too.

  2. Thanks! And it's definitely cool. And yes, I remember reading somewhere there's an RFID chip in it too. But it doesn't mention it in the letter that came with it.

  3. how long it take to get your 10 year green card in the mail

    1. Looking at the timeline linked on the side of my blog, my 10 year green card was issued on 9/11/13 and I received it in the mail on 9/16, so five days later.

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