Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bank accounts, anniversary, and NOAs

So, last Tuesday (after hearing that you don't need a SSN to open a bank account) proceeded to Wells Fargo (the most well-known bank in this town). The only thing you need to open a US bank account is two pieces of ID, so I gave my passport (with my pretty visa in the back XD) and my driver's license (which is in French). About 30 minutes later, I had both a checking and savings account in my name :)

I also wanted to apply for a credit card, but I need a SSN for that, so I have to wait :(

And yesterday, May 21, was Ben and I's first year anniversary! Even though we spent 9 months apart, we're finally together again forever now :D

And when Ben checked the mailbox today, I had two letters (NOAs) from USCIS! One was a welcome letter and the second was a receipt notice for my green card. And upon entering the case number at USCIS's website (how long it's been since I've been there!), all I see is that it's under "initial review". So it should be in production soon and then mailed out.

If only I got a NOA for my SSN!


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