Monday, May 2, 2011

Interview tomorrow!

So, my interview is in 18 hours! It's finally here! I don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight. Especially since I'm getting up a little past 5am. My father and I will be leaving here a little before 6am, so I can get there around 6:45am. I want to be the first one there! ^_^

I spent about an hour before lunch going through my entire folder to make sure I had everything. Just gotta add some ID and money (just in case) tonight and then I'll be 100% ready. Here's some pictures of my folder and bag that I'm bringing tomorrow (click them to enlarge):

Printed off my front cover for my folder last night. I love it :D

Inside of my folder. Everything is nice and organized within my 13 sections.

Here's everything I'm putting inside the bag: folder, passport with interview letter, and my medical results.

Everything in my bag, ready to go for tomorrow morning!

I just went to weigh my bag with my folder in it. It's 5 pounds! Heavy!

Earlier, I looked at the weather for Montreal tomorrow morning, and it's predicted to be cloudy with showers. Hoping it only starts once I'm inside the Consulate as I'll be standing outside for about 45 minutes. Just in case, I'll be bringing an umbrella with me. Don't want my folder and documents to get wet!


P.S. I'll be writing a review as soon as I get home, so around 10am, depending exactly when I get out and how long it takes to get back.


  1. It looks gr8...wish you best of luck with review when you done with your journey finally.. :).n hey do tell everyone about how you made folder and contents,take care.

  2. Thanks! I'll be posting the review as soon as I get home tomorrow morning!

    What exactly do you want to know about my folder? I'd be glad to answer any questions!

  3. I always follow ur blog but never commented before.. I hope all goes well with your interview. I had mine on April 15th in Montreal and it went a lot easier than I thought. You've helped so many people throughout this processincluding myself. Please update us as soon as you find out. I wish you nothing but the best...

  4. Thank you so much! It was definitely easier than I thought too. I'll be writing a new blog post in a few minutes :)