Friday, March 25, 2011


Omg!! It's been about 30 minutes and I'm still shaking.

So, two people on VJ got interview dates assigned today. I was super excited! So, I decided to call DOS an hour early, I was just feeling good about it. I called, asked if an interview date had been assigned and gave over my NVC case number. I was put on hold for a bit and then she came back and repeated the case number to verify. Usually they don't ask the case number again, so I was getting excited. She then asked the petitioner's name; I got even more excited. She finally said the interview date was assigned! I heard her say May 13th, at 8am. I then called up NVC to see if they had this date as well. Gary, the operator, said he had good news for me and that an interview date had been assigned for May 3rd, at 8am. I must have heard the DOS operator wrong, it wasn't the 13th, but the 3rd. Just in case though, I called another NVC operator to verify, and it is indeed May 3rd! :D

Just waiting on the interview letter now. Should get it either today or sometime soon. The operator said I should get it by the latest by the end of next week.

I'm going to call up the two panel physicians in Montreal next week and ask a few questions I have about the medical. Then I'll figure out which place to get my medical done and then book it for sometime in April.

I am so glad I didn't listen to all the operators who told me they only schedule interviews in the second week and to not call back again until the second week of April. It was complete lies and I knew it. And now, I'm proof of that. It's the fourth week, yet my interview was assigned!



  1. thanks for all the posts, its been very useful. i got my case complete a few days after you. i just called nvc, and i have been assigned an interview date as well!!

  2. I'm glad you found the posts useful! That was my intention. Grats on getting the interview date as well! Are you going through Montreal? And what's your date?

    I wonder when are we going to hear the same news?
    you should celebrate!

  4. Hopefully you'll hear news of your interview date as well ;)
    Can't really celebrate as my husband isn't here with me. We shall celebrate in a few weeks once I move to the USA :D

  5. I'm so excited, praying that everything goes well with the interview prep and the interview and the rest of things...
    I have a question, sorry to keep bugging you... for the DS260 package it's not necessary to send my husband's birth certificate right? only mine
    James says that we should, but from what I undersand it´s only for centain cases, not for CR1 cases right?
    Thank you very much!

  6. His birth certificate iit's not needed either right?

  7. Thank you!
    And don't worry, you're not bugging me. I love to help!
    For the IV package, no, you don't need the petitioner's birth certificate. The petitioner's birth certificate is only needed when you submitted the I-130 package. For the IV package, only the beneficiary's birth certificate is needed.

  8. His passport is not necessary right?
    thank you so much, you've been an angel in disguise to me

  9. Nope, the petitioner's passport isn't needed for the IV package either. Only a copy of the beneficiary's passport is required for the IV package.


  10. DOS Number? Can you tell us what that number is? I have a Case Complete as of March 24th. But no information on the Interview yet. The NVC guy is keep telling me I must wait until the second week of April.

  11. DOS can be reached at 202-663-1225. Press 1 for the main menu and then 0 to speak with a visa specialist. Just keep calling NVC and DOS each day. You should find out your date soon. Good luck!

  12. Hey! We just had our case finally completed at the NVC! Yahoo! However, I just wanted to comment on the birth certificate issue for the IV package. The morning before I submitted the package, I phoned an operator to make sure I had it all just right. He listed all of the information that I had...and then a surprise at the end...the petitioner's birth certificate! I checked the NVC website, and it did, indeed, say the birth certificate of both the beneficiary and petitioner. Luckily, we did EP, so we had my husband's mom scanned and send it immediately. We sent it in that day, and had no problems :) So it won't hurt to send it in!

  13. Grats on your CC!

    And you don't need the petitioner's birth certificate at all during the NVC stage. That's only needed with the I-130 for USCIS. The ONLY time the petitioner's birth certificate is required at the NVC stage is if it's an IR-5 case (sponsoring parents). If it's a spousal case, then no, you don't need it at all.