Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Booked my medical

Just called up Medisys and asked them a few questions (since their website is lacking in any kind of information on the medical). There are two places available in Montreal for medicals. I already had most of my answers for Dr Seidens from their website. I decided to go with Medisys since it was $35 cheaper. And when I called and asked about butterfly needles (I've been told they're easier to get to the vein and less painful), the guy on the phone told me they were available! So, I called back a few minutes after my Q&A and asked to be booked for a medical. I got scheduled for April 6th (next week!!!) at 10am.

I am now going to freak out for the next week about the blood test as I have mentioned before that I hate needles. And I've never had a blood test done before either. Hoping I don't pass out or anything. If anyone has any suggestions to help my blood test go smoother, please, please, please leave a comment. I already know I'm not going to watch and that I'll lie down if possible. I've also heard that drinking a lot of water ahead of time helps with blood circulation, as well as keeping warm. Anything else?



  1. Hi! I'm a nurse and have seen lots of people who are just as afraid. It feels like a mosquito bite with a little more pressure - but I'm sure you've heard that already. Drinking lots of water will definitely make it easier to draw your blood and decreasing things like caffeine that will dehydrate you. For your anxiety, have you ever tried meditation? It works really well. Or some kind of desensitization treatment? Good luck - you've done much harder things I'm sure and this will be over before you know it.

  2. Thanks! :)

    Yes, I had heard about drinking lots of water, so I'm definitely going to do that. And I don't drink coffee or any caffeinated drinks, so I don't need to worry about that.

    I've never taken anxiety medication, and I'd rather not start now, especially since I'd have to tell them at the medical I'm on meds, and I'd rather not be in case it causes problems.

    I will be asking at the medical if they have some topical anesthetic and if they do, hoping that helps and numbs my arm completely.

    I just have to remember that this time next week, my medical will be all over and I won't need to pricked with any more needles. *takes a deep breath*

  3. Sorry Lindsay - I wouldn't want you to start medication either. I was referring to meditation - like mindfulness meditation. i use it whenever I need to centre myself and it works wonderfully. I also recommend anaesthetic - you can get some yourself andapply it just before the appointment. But every clinic will have topical anaesthetic.

  4. Oh crap, sorry! I read medication, not meditation! Hahaha. Yes, I was thinking of looking into that myself. Any suggestions on websites or techniques I can use?

    And every clinic has topical anesthetic? :)

  5. Hi
    I have been using Mindfulness Meditation (see Jon Kabat-Zinn's books - they're great!)
    Yeah - topical anaesthetic is a really basic part of clinical practice - but I don't know how willing they will be to use it on you. If you're interested and not allergic, you can get a small tube of lidocaine (Lanacaine) at your local drug store. You can always use it later for skin pain or irritation like insect bites, sunburn, etc. later.

  6. I'll definitely look into Mindful Meditation! Thank you!
    As long as lidocaine doesn't have penicillin in it, I'm fine as that's the only thing I'm allergic to. Next time I'm out, I'll stop by the drug store and see if they have any and how much it costs. Thanks for the suggestion!