Monday, November 8, 2010

Mass CSC to TSC transfers

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So, perhaps more good news.

Within the last few days, there have been many petitions from CSC being transferred to the Texas Service Center on VJ. I've been following this one thread specific to this mass transfer and it might be good news for both those transferred and those still at CSC. Apparently, VSC did a mass transfer awhile ago as well to TSC and within a few weeks, many people were getting their NOA2s. TSC doesn't usually process I-130s, so most likely the processing times will be reduced for those transferred. Plus, with all these transfers, there's less petitions at CSC now, so petitions should be approved faster there as well.

Someone also mentioned in this thread I'm following that in March/April/May there were a lot of petitions sent, and now that CSC is through that (they're currently approving petitions from June), petitions will get approved faster since there are fewer petitions sent in June/July/August. Which is great news for Ben and I. I really do believe we might hear something by the end of the year. If we do, I might just be able to make it to South Dakota on time for our one year anniversary, as long as there are no major problems or hurdles.


P.S. Ben booked tickets a few days ago for another visit! Since he's in the USA, they have Thanksgiving at the end of November. His work gives November 25th and 26th off for the holiday. So, he's going to leave the 24th after lunch (he gets paid a full day if he leaves after lunch) and will return to the USA the following Tuesday, the 30th. Almost a week with my love! *excited*

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