Monday, June 17, 2013

Second biometrics appointment

Whoops, forgot to write up this post the other day!

Anyways, last Thursday, I headed to Sioux Falls for my second biometrics appointment. Before I got there though, just less than one or two miles away, I ended up being pulled over for speeding :( I had just gotten off the interstate and didn't see any speed limit signs, so I was going about 40-45mph. When I finally saw a sign for 30, I slowed down. But, I guess it was too late. This was my first time being pulled over, and I was hoping to just get a warning, especially since I don't even live in the dang city, but nope, no luck. Although I was going 11 over the speed limit, the officer reduced it down to 5, giving me a much lower ticket. Still $85 though *sigh* If anyone wants to help pay for it, I'd gladly take donations for the Pay Lindsay's Speeding Ticket Fund, lol :P

Back to the appointment. Arrived a few minutes late, due to being pulled over, which made me worry a little. Wasn't sure how strict these people were. But, there were no issues. It was 9am and there was only one other person in the waiting room.

Once again, I got scanned in. The security guard asked for my notice, my green card, and all other IDs I had (such as driver's licenses, SSN, passport, etc). Whaaaat?! First time, all I needed was my green card, as it states in the letter. Not so with this officer. I gave over my driver's license (which is all I had out of his list), even though I doubt it was looked at at all by the receptionist, but whatever! I had to fill in the same form again as I did last time. Easy peasy! I put the clipboard with the form, notice, green card, and driver's license on the receptionist's desk.

The only other person there was called up and I only had to wait about 5 minutes for her to get her fingerprints done and her picture taken. Then it was my turn. Thankfully, this second time went a lot faster. My fingers weren't as problematic as the first time. Although, the lady did explain that they don't need to spend as much time the second time around as the FBI will only be using the second set to compare to the first. So, before I knew it, we were done. Only took 6 minutes for this second set! First time around, I was there for at least 20 minutes!

Didn't need to take a second picture, thank goodness. I actually liked the picture from the first time around, and I'm usually picky with pictures, lol. I then collected my things and was out the door!

And now the long wait begins (unless I get extremely lucky and my case gets reviewed sooner by some miracle). I think it's taking around 6-9 months to hear anything, so I'm not expecting to hear anything until later this year. Although, a little part inside of me will always hope that every time I check my case status online or open the mailbox, I'll find we were approved really quickly :)



  1. Lindsay, I stumbled over your blog through and I was wondering if I could do a written interview with you on my USA blog. I'm trying to share as many immigration success stories from as many different nationalities as possible.
    Please contact me at if you are interested.
    Would be very cool if you could represent the Canadians :)


    1. I'd love to represent Canadians! ;) Just sent you an email :)