Monday, February 25, 2013

Tax update

Well, we had sent our tax return online on February 2nd. TurboTax finally sent it on February 14 (since we had education credits and IRS was only accepting those kind of returns on the 14th). On the 21st, our refund got approved, and my husband got the amount deposited over the weekend!

I ordered 2012 tax transcripts for my ROC package on the 21st, so I'm thinking they'll arrive sometime this week, as it's never taken longer than a week to arrive (for us anyways). I'll leave an update once I do get them.


P.S. My checking account is looking real nice and my husband still needs one more day to transfer the rest of my portion of the refund :)


  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I have been following your posts since day one and our timelines are have been so helpful with our Journey. I am very anxious to hear what you are sending to USCIS for ROC. We are eligible to apply in May.
    I have been doing research and the instructions are somewhat loose about how many "supporting docs" for evidence of relationship. It has been our experience is that less is more...too much info seems to confuse them.
    Would you agree?

    1. Yeah, I still haven't sent my ROC package, lol. Still need to gather a few documents, and I've been lazy/busy with other things. But, I've got March break coming up this week, so I'm hoping to gather everything then. And I'll definitely be writing a post explaining everything I'm sending in.

      As for less is more, it's sort of the opposite for ROC. Unless you're sending in strong evidence. But, don't take this to mean that you should send in HUNDREDS of documents, but you still need to provide enough evidence to show you've been co-mingling the last 2 years.