Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Passport update

Well, my initial passport application got rejected by Passport Canada due to my passport photos. They said my eyes weren't fully visible (like a little, itty bitty part was hidden) and there was a flash on my forehead (you can see the photo for yourself a few posts below or by clicking here to go to that post). D'oh >_< So, I went back to Walmart where I had the photos done and got a refund as my photos were rejected because of them, wasting me both time and money.

For round two, I went to Walgreens. They weren't 100% positive they did Canadian sizes, but lo and behold, their photo machines had an international section for passport photos, Canada being one of the countries. So, got those done and this time, kept my glasses off, to prevent any errors. You can see these photos below (again, excuse the meh expression):

I then mailed my passport application in again, keeping my fingers crossed. I didn't bother paying $30 this time for it to arrive within 5 days. So, I paid like less than $5 instead for it to arrive in a week, and no tracking. I kept all fingers crossed it would get there.

After like a week or two after sending in my passport on January 25th, I began to call Passport Canada twice a week to see if they had received it. Finally, around mid-February, they told me they had received it on February 7th and they were just beginning to process it. So, I started to call once a day to get status updates. I felt like I was going through NVC all over again!

A few days after they told me they received it, I saw my credit card had been charged the C$97 fee from Passport Canada. I called up asap and found they had accepted my application, phew!

And just last week, they told me they had ordered for my passport to be printed. And then last Friday, they told me they had shipped it! After getting a very long tracking number for FedEx (and when I say long, I mean like 30+ digits long!), I tracked my passport. Yesterday, it arrived safely at my apartment and I finally had a passport again! What a relief!

Enjoy the photo below of my brand new, shiny passport :)


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