Thursday, December 13, 2012

Great Team Hero

This isn't immigration-related at all, but thought I'd post and share :) Over the weekend, while I was working, a girl came over to cover Food Avenue since one of the LODs (Leaders On Duty) wanted to speak with me. I was a little nervous since he's a little intimidating. But, I was nervous for nothing! He just wanted to take my picture for our Great Team Hero board!! (In case you don't work at Target, lol, that means employee of the month, essentially). I didn't think I'd ever be chosen for that! *big smile*

And then, just last night, another LOD presented a little plush Bullseye dog to me, congratulating me for becoming this month's Great Team Hero. I knew a picture was taken and put on the wall, but I never knew you get a dog!

I've never been chosen as employee of the month before (granted, this is my first job that has that honor available), so I was pretty excited when I found out!

And just to share with you all:



  1. Saylin, congratulations!! This is great news! It is so silly but every time I go to Target, I think about you :)
    And what a cute doggy you got!

  2. P.S. How was your Christmas? And how is the snow situation in your city? Last time you told me it was pretty bad.

    1. Thank you!! I was so happy to hear I got it this month :) And yes, the dog is adorable! It sits on my desk :) And hehe about thinking of me every time you're in Target :D

      And my Christmas was good. Went to my husband's family's place to celebrate with all of them. Not the same as spending it with my own family, but still enjoyable :) And the snow situation has gotten better. The snow's still around and it's still cold, but the roads have been plowed, so it's easier to drive now, lol.