Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So, I thought it was time to do an updates post as it's been a few months since my last post. So, enjoy the lengthy updates :)

Trips: Shortly after my Canadian trip back in June, I went to the Mall of America (in Minneapolis) at the end of July with Ben and his grandmother. That is the biggest mall I've ever been to! Like 4 floors and an aquarium in the basement! And an amusement park!! Then, a few short weeks after that, I went to Seattle with Ben. He had some work training there, so I decided to tag along. Although we had to take separate flights (both there and back) cause his work paid for his flights, but they were too expensive for me so I had to find alternatives. But anyways, we both managed to get there within an hour of each other. While he was in training for 2 days, I explored the city all on my own. And I got to use public transportation!! (Yes, I'm excited about that, lol) And of course, saw the Space Needle! On the weekend, when his training was over, both Ben and I went up the Space Needle to see the city below. Absolutely beautiful!

Work: Going well. Still at Target :) As of a few months ago (August), I've been there a year now :) Not looking forward to this upcoming Black Friday though. My shift is 5am (yes, AM, morning!) to 3:30pm. Ten and a half hours!! Eep! Hopefully, I'm not too exhausted!

School: Almost done! Graduating this upcoming May with two degrees. Pretty excited. Not excited about the fact that I'm taking 25 credits next semester! On the bright side (it's small, but bright), I'm taking 21 credits till March, then the last 2 months will be just the internship I have to do. Hopefully I find somewhere to "work" and get some experience.

Birthday: Hmm, what else? Well, it was my 24th birthday last month (10/10) :) Didn't really do too much special on that day. Ben did get me flowers though! And not at home, he sent them to school!! I was in the library, doing homework, when I got a call from the school's front office, saying a package arrived for me. I immediately head there and discover these gorgeous flowers sitting there. Here's a picture:

Beautiful, right? :) Anyways, that weekend after my birthday, we went down to Sioux Falls (one of the bigger cities in South Dakota, lol) and went out to supper with some friends (who also had a birthday that week), then went to see Taken 2 in theaters. Great birthday weekend!

Credit card: Also, back in September (I believe), I applied for a second credit card (from Amazon, to get points, lol). I was a little nervous to apply online as I didn't know if I'd get approved or not. But, I did!! Got a response within a few minutes after submitting my application. When I got the letter in the mail with my new card, it listed my credit score and I don't recall the exact number, but it was in the high 600's. Pretty good for only moving to the US last year!

Immigration: And that's all I can think about for updates right now. I'm still on VisaJourney (of course, lol!). Oh, I'll be eligible to apply for ROC in a few months (mid-February). It's kind of sad, but I'm actually excited to do paperwork! Although, not looking forward to dishing out like $600 >_<

Anywho, hope everyone is doing well!



  1. I'm so excited about a new post! Yay! I'm glad you had an amazing birthday weekend. What did you think of "Taken 2". I enjoyed the first part a lot but the second one - nah.
    Have you seen "The Intouchables"? It is a totally different kind of a movie, and I'm not sure if you're into it but I LOVED it. I actually dragged my Parents and my husband to the cinema when I was in Poland last summer. I was so proud that everyone enjoyed it!
    Awwww, that is so cute of Ben to send you flowers to school! Totally unexpected, right?
    Take care, Saylin
    amzż from VJ :)

    1. Hi! You posted a reply quickly, lol :P
      And yeah, the first Taken was obviously better. But I still enjoyed the movie :)
      Nope, never seen (or even heard!) of Intouchables. I might have to check it out!
      Omg, the flowers were totally unexpected! I never thought he would do that <3

  2. Saylin, it's just because I stalk you :PPPP
    About the movie - it is French, from 2011. It's based on a true story - these are the best. It will make you roll on the floor from laughter, and then it'll make you cry - but it'll be a happy cry. Let me know what you think when you watch it.

    P.S. 25 credit hours?? Crazy girl :) But congrats on two degrees!

    1. Oh no, I have a stalker! :P

      Oh, I love true stories (except the horror ones!!). I'm downloading the movie as we speak and once I get a chance, I'll watch it. I have a lot of homework due this weekend, so it may be awhile, lol.

      Yeah, 25 credit hours. That's what I get for taking 2 programs at the same time, lol. Hope I can manage! And I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end :)

  3. Oh yes because I'm a nice stalker :D

    Wow, you're quick with the movie! I watch movies on but I've never tried downloading any. Music - well, that's a different story but shhhhh :)
    I honestly don't know how you do it - so much school and work on top of that. I feel suffocated when I take 12 credit hours and work nights only. However, I do have only 2 classes this semester so I'm chillin' :D
    Good luck with your homework, school, and all your plans, Little Fairy :)

    Ok, sorry, I don't want to sound creepy :) I swear, I am normal :PPP /whatever normal is :)/

    1. Yay for nice stalkers! *cheers*

      And yeah, I uh get torrents of movies/tv shows ;) But, yes, shhh!

      Yup, I'm insane. I've got so much going on right now I'm quite surprised I haven't had a mental breakdown yet (I've been close though, lol). I just need to catch up on this week's homework, and I should be good... for awhile, lol. At least my job's easy, same thing every single day, so it's pretty routine.

      And being creepy (although you're really not) is all part of being a stalker, remember? :P And I'm just as normal as you are XD

  4. Hehehehehe you're funny :D
    Ahh torrents:))))) I should try that with movies.
    I'm getting back to studying now; no VJ until tomorrow:)
    And have a great weekend despite all the homework:)

    1. Yeah, torrents are pretty awesome for movies and tv shows.

      Good luck with your studying! What are you going for anyways?

      Just finished a huge assignment (that was due tomorrow), so I've got a load off my shoulders now. Down to just two assignments, one due on Tuesday (in which I have class time to work on it, so not worrying about this one) and one due on Monday, which means I have all weekend for just this one assignment. Feeling a lot less stressed now, lol.

      You have a great weekend too!

  5. I'm studying Biology; have about 16 credits left. But something else caught my eye this year: first one - Cardiovascular Technology and the second one - Sonography. I will try to get into either of them next May. They are very competitive though and I realize I have low chance due to my GPA :/ Blaaaaah :) But I really want to try. We shall see!

    Well, it's Sunday night so you should be done with your stuff; just that one on Tuesday. What assignments do you do?

    1. Ohh, you're almost there then! Hope you get into one of those classes next year :) Good luck! If you set your mind to it, you can do it!

      And yeah.... I still have that one thing due at the end of tonight which I should be able to get done in time, lol. Then I have class time tomorrow for the Tuesday thing. I should make it on time :)

      And the assignments vary by class (obviously). I'm currently taking: Mobile App Development, Advanced PHP, Computer Graphics (like Photoshop and stuff), Advanced Java, Client/Server Programming, and Animation. Phew! It's a mix of programming and web design classes (as I'm taking 2 programs), so some homework is coding and others are, well, web design-y stuff, like Photoshop.

    2. It sounds like a lot of things I don't know about :) But I do like Photoshop :)
      Anyway, here is something for you:

      For next two times - should I pick different numbers for my part?

    3. Yeah, I'm much preferring the web design program than the programming. Much easier to understand :)

      That is awesome!!! :D *weirdly smiling like a fool* So, did we win tonight? And you can play whatever numbers you want: the same or different!

    4. Darn, we didn't! Not even close! Next attempt - this Saturday.
      I saw the amount to win in PowerBall .....
      560 MILLION bucks. Jeez Louise!! =)

    5. Darn, lol! Maybe next time! I'd love to win some money :) And yeah, the PowerBall was an insane amount!! If only, right?

    6. Maaaaaaannnnnnnnn, we got nothing!! I skipped last Wednesday (got off from work too late to buy the ticket) but didn't win anything in any of the three times including today.
      In Poland they say that if you aren't lucky with money, you're lucky when it comes to love. It is true in our cases, right? So, our husbands need to take vacation for a while (or treat us bad :))), abandon us for a month or two, we will then play the lottery, win, and then they will come back :D That is the only plan I've got :P

    7. Hahahahahaha, sounds like a plan to me! Although, I want to change it to US taking a vacation, not them, lol. I want to go to somewhere warm right now. It's snowing like crazy outside!

    8. I would switch with you in a heartbeat! I live in Florida so sunshine, warmth and all that jazz all year round! Christmas is coming and I would love to see some snow!! I miss it so much! I sometimes put AC very low in my apt so I can pretend it is cold outside :D. I make hot tea, get a warm blanket, and fool myself that it is winter :)
      I know that pics of snow are not related to immigration but maybe a few of them on your blog?

    9. I used to live in Florida for 2 years! It was sooo awesome!! I loved the weather there :) Plus living near Disney World was pretty awesome, lol. Let's switch places then, if you want :D :D

      And I'll see what I can do for pictures. It's just that as soon as I get outside, all I wanna do is get inside the car so I don't freeze. Not sure if my fingers can take the cold, lol. But I'll try, just for you ;) We just got hit by snowstorm over the weekend, so there's plenty of snow to take pictures of!

    10. You used to live here? Wow! Didn't know! Where? Don't tell me that you were in Orlando :)
      Right now it is pretty nice but when the summer comes around - oh my Goodness, I want to hide in a fridge.
      I have been to Disney twice (in FL for 8 years or so :). Switching would be great if it were a bit easier, right? I heard they have services where people switch apartments and they just live in someone's place for a few days when vacationing. Well, we can really think about it when my husband comes here and adjusts :)
      Ajjjj:) waiting for pictures then! Get some warm mittens and off you go! Or through a window - that will suffice :). My husband was showing me snow on skype and I was very happy.

    11. Just got off the phone with my husband. He GOT his visa!!! I'm speechless!! Right now I just want to say 'thank you' for all your help. Later on I will get it together and write some more. Holly Molly, I don't know what to do with myself:))
      He will be with me this Sunday!!

    12. Yup, I lived in Florida from 2005-2007. Finished high school there then moved back to Canada as university would have cost me too much as an international student (like $20k/semester, no thanks!). I lived in Naples, south-west of Florida. Where in Florida are you? And I loved the heat in Florida, even the summer, lol. That's why I can't stand it here as it's too cold for me! I'm actually thinking of going to Florida for my spring break as I haven't seen that state since 2009, the longest in my entire life I've NOT been :( And I've been to Disney a lot more than twice, lol. I've been going to Florida pretty much since I was born, visiting at least once a year. So I've probably been to Disney like at least 30+ times. And I love it every single time!

      And omg, grats!!!!!!! And this Sunday?!?! It's soooo close!!!!! I'm super excited for you!!! I'm smiling from ear to ear for you!!! :D *insert VJ dance emoticon*

    13. I do live in Orlando, and I'm shocked you have been to Disney more than 30 times ..... Seriously :) Obsessed, are we? Hehehehehehe. Wow! That is A LOT!!! I used to live in Sarasota for several years so I know where Naples is - very beautiful area.
      Heh, that is so funny because for my Spring Break I'm planning to go somewhere to see the mountains. NC and SC are the closest so I will, I mean - WE will :) probably go there. But now it depends on my husband a bit because, as you, he loves the sunshine, warmth, beach etc.
      And yes, I'm still shocked, speechless, holly molly, can't believe that. Thank you so much!
      It feels like a dream - I'm totally sleep deprived because of that interview and finals this week but this Sunday, oh my God, this Sunday, He will be here. I have waited so many years for that - it feels surreal!! But thank God it is my life :)))))))))
      Good luck on your finals (unless you're done with them already".

    14. Haha, it's funny that I've been to Disney more than you have XD And I'm seriously obsessed, lol! I really wanna go again as it's been awhile for me. If only my husband liked heat >_< Cause I'm probably going to go to Florida on my own if I do go for spring break.
      Enjoy your spring break, wherever you choose to go. I'm sure after 3 months or so of the sun, your husband will want to go somewhere else for a bit ;)
      And yeah, I remember being completely in shock after my interview and after I got my visa in hand, and even after I crossed the border. It'll sink in soon ;) Probably after this Sunday! :P
      And with my program, there's no finals or anything. Just final assignments, no tests or anything. I've already finished with 2 classes. Got 4 more, but they should finish up real soon :)

  6. I enjoy reading your post. Anyway, I read your applying for immigration, well, goodluck and wish you will get it.


  7. Thanks. I've been in the US for almost two years, so yes, I got my visa :)

  8. nice update, everything is going well with you. what do you mean by "apply for ROC?".

    I `ve apply for a credit card american express blue, i got the card but they never mentioned my credit score!

    1. ROC = Removal of Conditions

      If you come over on a CR-1 visa (married for less than 2 years), then the green card you get is conditional and you have to apply for ROC to get a 10 year green card, with no conditions.

      Are you sure it didn't list it anywhere on the paperwork you got from them? Mine was in a little small box, on the back side if I remember correctly.

    2. No it did not list anywhere since i came in usa through a DV=(diversity visa) and got immediately 10 years GC 3weeks later after immigrating in US.

  9. Oh, if you get a 10 year green card with the DV, then you don't need to do ROC at all! Grats :)

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