Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Car and Flight Tickets

Just a personal update. I finally got a car!! It's Ben's old Alero that he stopped driving more than 2 years ago and had given back to his aunt. His aunt's son was no longer using it, so it passed on to me! I got it almost on the one year anniversary I've been in the US (which was on May 12th)! Here's a picture:

Also, that same weekend I got the car, I finally booked my plane tickets to Canada. If you want to stalk my flight, here's the details:

Anyways, been a good few weeks! Happy I finally got a car and very excited for my upcoming trip to Canada!


P.S. It was our 2 year wedding anniversary yesterday :)


  1. ....have a nice and safe trip to our country Canada...

  2. Thanks! Got back on Thursday! :)

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