Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Canadian Taxes

Well, good news for me! :D

I called up Revenu Quebec last Friday inquiring if I needed to file a Quebec tax return. After being transferred SIX times, I finally got through to an agent. I explained my situation and, according to him, I do NOT have to file a Quebec tax return! This was due to my situation (no kids, no income earned in 2011 while as a Canadian resident, and ceasing to be a resident in 2011). This made me smile!

I then called up the Canadian Revenue Agency's International Tax Office last night and after three hours of on and off again calling trying to get through, I finally got an agent. I explained my situation (no income earned in 2011 as a Canadian resident, ceasing to be a resident in 2011) and that agent also informed me that I don't have to file a Canadian tax return! This made me smile again!

The CRA agent though did explain that I should send them a letter explaining my situation (me moving to the US), which I had already been planning on doing. I've got one written up for Revenu Quebec and another for the Canadian Revenue Agency. I also have some other situation updates to inform them of (previous common-law relationship ended, new marriage with current spouse). Hopefully they actually update my file with these three things and don't beat around the bush or anything as I've heard horror stories of the CRA/RQ not updating files for years!

So, after I mail these two letters, the only tax returns I have to worry about in the future is for the US with the IRS :)



  1. You might still want to file if you get any money out of your RRSP (Reer) or such as I got a BIG return when I emigrated. Also, got refunds from the SAAQ when I got my DL and registration here. This is a link to my accountant, he would answer any question you have: https://www.facebook.com/BetterTaxServices

    Good luck.

  2. I don't/didn't have any RRSPs, so that's out. And why'd you get a refund from the SAAQ just because you got a DL here? Never heard of that before...