Monday, March 12, 2012


Wow, no new posts since October! Just thought I'd write something short to keep everyone updated!

As of two days ago, I've been working at Target for 7 months now! Second longest job I've ever had XD I believe sometime soon, after annual reviews are done, I'll be receiving a raise, so I'm excited for that of course. Not sure how much extra I'd be getting per hour, but who cares, it's extra money! Also, a few weeks ago, I was finally eligible to start a health plan through work, so I'm working on that and trying to figure out what I need/want. I'll update later on about that once I actually get it.

School's going great as well. After the first semester, CIS (Computer Information Science) students decide which track they want to do in the program. I was originally just going to do Programming, but I found out that the Web Design track would just be an additional 6 classes along with all the programming classes (since the two tracks are so similar), so I decided to go for both! So in May 2013, I'll get two degrees from this school, Programming and Web Design! :)

And, of course, it's tax season. Ben and I filed our US taxes a few weeks ago by snail mail. Tried doing it online, but it kept giving us errors when confirming our identities through either an IRS pin or last year's AGI. So, instead of getting our refund within a few days, it's going to take a few weeks instead. Oh well. But, it'll be worth it as the expected refund is $2925! Most of it coming from my school tuition!

Also, my uncle is FINALLY going to marry his long-time girlfriend (now fiancee) this coming June, so I'm planning a one-week visit to Canada. My first time going back since I moved to the US. I'm pretty excited! I'll be using a portion of the tax refund to pay for my flight :) And I'm thinking of getting some pink highlights put back into my hair while I'm there. I miss colour!

Anyways, I believe that's all the updates I have. Hope everyone is doing well!


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