Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Consulate Maps

So, I've wanted to do this for awhile: draw the inside of the consulate in Montreal. I hadn't found anyone who had done it when I was waiting for my interview, and I wish I had so I can get the gist of what I'd be seeing, so it'd be easier to find my way around. Well, I finally got around to doing this for another VJ member (whose interview is tomorrow, good luck!) and thought I'd post them here as well to share with everyone!

They can be found here or scroll down to see them in this post. Keep in mind, you'll have to click on them to maximize it to see it much better.

The first three pictures are to show you better where you will be lining up. The last two are hand-drawn maps of the inside of the consulate. There is no guarantee on stuff scaling in those last two pictures XD

The main street (running ~ north/south) is Renee Levesque. They have doors on that side, but those aren't the ones you want. On Saint Alexandre (running ~ west/east) are the doors where you want to line up. The 1 is where the first person would be, 2 where the second person would be, 3 where the third person would be, etc. So, when facing the doors, the line extends to the left.

A closer view of the consulate. Again, 1 is where the first person is, 2 where the second person, etc etc.

Front view. Numbers again are for the line, leading off to the left. Stand as close as possible to 1 and the doors. 

This is the first part of the consulate, entering through the doors at 1. You then move through a security checkpoint and through a scanner, at 2. You're then directed down a long staircase, at 3. You arrive in a large room, at 4, with a telephone, picture booth, and lots of chairs surrounding the elevator. At 5 is the elevator. When you enter, stand at the far left corner, marked by the X. Maximize the picture to see more details. 

View of top floor where the documents are handed in and interview takes place. You enter by the elevator at 1. The secretary is there to greet you and show you where to line up (follow red arrows). At 2, you'll one by one go up to a window where you get a number (C1 means you're first). You then sit down in one of the chairs. At 3, you hand in all documents (AOS package, certificates, medical results, etc). You also get your fingerprints done here. After sitting back down, you'll then be called to one of the interview rooms at 4. Once all finished, you leave back through the elevator and out the consulate. 

It'd probably be best if you read my review as well, to know more specifics about the process. These pictures (and short descriptions) are just to give a layout of the place, not the exact details. Hope these pictures (specifically the last two) help everyone going through the consulate in Montreal! If you want to know more, don't hesitate to ask here!



  1. Hello Saylin,

    thanks so much for you hard work, I deeply appreciate...........

  2. Hello Saylin,

    thanks so much for you hard work, I deeply appreciate......
    I have to PA since october 2011 tru the DV LOTTERY program, I have been following your advices about different matters, thanks one more time.

  3. You're very welcome! Glad what I've done has helped (and been appreciated) ^_^

    Good luck on your immigration journey :)

  4. Very enlightening Lindsay!...Thanks so much for all the time you spend helping others get through the immigration maze!....You are a blessing!

  5. You're very welcome! ^_^ I'm glad to hear that I've helped others! :D