Monday, September 12, 2011

Credit card

So, on September 1st, I went to my bank to apply for a credit card. Sometime in July (I think it was), I had gone to my bank to apply for a credit card, but was denied since I didn't have a job. Anyways, I went again less than 2 weeks ago since I had a job. Plus I was applying for the college credit card, and because I'm in college, I thought I'd have a better chance of getting it. Anyways, checked the mail when I got home from school just a few minutes ago and discovered a letter from my bank. I was approved!

The process of applying for a credit card was simple as I already had an account with my bank (checking + savings account), so they had most of the information already on hand (like my SSN). All they needed was my work and school information and that was it. I was expecting to be asked for proof of enrollment in school, but wasn't asked at all.

Glad to finally have an American credit card! :)



  1. hi i`ve been reading your blog and find the informations very very important. I am a DV lottery winner and got my immigration visa from montreal us consulate on 6th of september. The infos provided(consulate interview, dhl registration,port of entry crossing and so on.......................) were interesting and i learned a lot from your own experiences ,keep doing the good job......thanks..........

  2. Grats on the visa!

    And I'm super happy my blog helped!

    Have you moved yet to the US?

  3. not yet ,i will be moving on 27th of september to pittsburgh PA. i ll be looking for a job in lab assistant field ,i hope i ll find a possition rapidly. ...........

  4. Hopefully you get your SSN just as quickly as you find a place to work!

  5. Hey! Me again... (ha ha). Congrats on the card!
    So, I have a few questions. You are a CR-1, just like me. When you are filing to remove the conditions? I have heard different things, such as 90 days before your two year wedding anniversary (which is what I have heard the most, particularly from the border guard who did my paperwork), or more recently, 90 days "immediately before the second anniversary of the date you were accorded conditional resident status" (<--direct quote from the I-751 instructions). What to do, what to do? I miss my chats with the NVC everyday! Ha ha...

  6. *I meant to say, "When are you filing to remove the conditions"? Oh yes, and my other question - my SSN hasn't arrived yet (I've been here for a month today), so I went to the SSA office last week to apply in person. They said another 4 - 6 weeks, as the border guard messed up on my name! (Hence why it wasn't processed..ugh!). Anyway, I also haven't received my permanent residency card yet. Any ideas on who I can call? I tried DoHS, but they just transferred me to the USCIS line where I couldn't talk to anyone. Frustrating!

  7. It's not 90 days before your wedding anniversary. That doesn't make sense as some people have been married for years before even applying for a visa! It's 90 days before your conditional green card expires (which is two years from POE). So, for example, I crossed to the US in May 2011, so I'll be filing sometime in February 2013.

    Hmm, I wonder how the border guard messed up your name. But if they did, then it's definitely gonna affect getting your SSN and the green card. I would suggest calling USCIS, but I don't know the numbers or the prompts you have to press to get to a person.

  8. Hey again! Just thought I'd let you know I got a very exciting letter in the mail today from the SSA...which was a statement letting me know my SSN was on the way. Ha ha. I just had to laugh. 2 more weeks, and it should be here. I did finally get through to someone on USCIS (after I believe I just pushed random buttons), and they suggested I do an InfoPass meeting. I went, and they said everything looks okay, and it should be here soon. About the name - they put my middle name as part of my first name. For example, it should be "Catharine E.", but instead, they put it as "Catharine Elisabeth"... Sigh. Never ending drama. Thanks for the tidbit about the "filing to remove conditions", the agent at the InfoPass meeting said the same thing. I figured that seemed more right, too. Thanks again for all of you help. Good luck!

  9. Yay on all the progress! As soon as you get your SSN, you can legally start to work :)

    And d'oh on the name >_< USCIS never ceases to amaze me with their silly mistakes.

    As for RoC (Removal of Conditions), if you stick with my blog, I'll be back in less than 2 years and explaining all the steps as well, so that should help you out when it's your time :)