Friday, August 12, 2011

Orientation and training

Well, I finally had my orientation and training at Target two days ago on Wednesday from 9am to 5:30pm. The morning was spent watching orientation videos. Then a tour of the store. The afternoon consisted of cashier training. Training only lasted about an hour or so, and then I had real experience dealing with guests! I think I did a pretty good job as the first time using a cashier.

I'm going back tonight from 4:15 to 8:15 for food training, as I'll be working in both the restaurant and as a cashier.

Off to make more money! :D



  1. Congratulations on the job and school! Sounds like you are loving being with your husband down there. We are so happy for you! Well, I was approved last Friday in Montreal...hooray! Now, the DHL waiting game. I am SO excited to not have my life (and plans thereof) dictated by others! Anyway, we have been blessed, and so have you been! Thanks for all of your help. All the best in your future - school, work, and whatever it may be :) . You have helped us so much!

  2. Yup, definitely happy and loving that after 9 long months, I was finally able to reunite with my husband :)

    And yay, grats on your approval! :) Hope you get your passport back soon. And good luck with your POE when you do it ;)

    And I was more than happy to help you with everything! I love helping others so they can be with their loved ones sooner :)