Friday, January 21, 2011

8 month anniversary, NVC, and California

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Happy 8 month anniversary to Ben and I! ^_^

Still no news on our NOA2.

I've been calling NVC's AVR each night just to see if a case number has been assigned. I've heard of a few cases where some people hadn't received their NOA2 in the mail or had any updates on the USCIS website, but found that their case had been approved by finding a case number had been assigned to them at NVC. I now have the NVC number committed to memory: (603) 334-0700. I know which numbers to press as soon as I hear the automated voice (1, 1, 1, 4, 1, receipt number, 1). Once I hear: "There is no record of your case on file..." I hang up. Can't wait to hear: "This case was entered in the NVC computer system on..."

Anyways, in other news, Ben's in California. He's been there since Sunday. No, not to go to the CSC, but for work. Advanced SQL training (he's a programmer). All expenses paid for by his work (flight, hotel, food, and training). He flew Sunday afternoon and his training was Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Yesterday he visited Apple headquarters and bought me an Apple shirt! Just have to wait for him to come and visit me now to get it. He's currently in an IMAX theater watching the Green Hornet in 3D. He flies back on Sunday and I know he's going to visit a long-time friend that he's never actually met in person. He might also go see the Googleplex (Google headquarters), but I don't know when.

Not much else to report on. Come on NOA2!! :D


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