Saturday, March 9, 2013

USCIS Immigrant Fee

So, back in December, USCIS released information on a new $165 immigrant fee that took affect on February 1st, 2013. Now, one must pay this fee after they receive their visa package after a successful interview and before they immigrate to the US. At the interview, they hand out a notice explaining what the fee is and how/when to pay it. If you'd like to read it now, please click here. (Huge thank you to VJ member MsHogan for scanning and sending me this document, I truly appreciate it!) You can also read information about the fee on USCIS's website, here.



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  2. Thank u for such a helpful info.

  3. Hi there, I was wondering if I could email you about my situation, someone on VJ's forum said you have some insights on Cdn/US, well she said "she is very good at Canada things." LOL. I won't get into my situation here, I posted on vj's forum (sparrow1982, "So confused, any help?" topic) or I can send it to you via email. Anyway I don't want to be a bother, hope all is well, and it seems you've got a really well-written and well-versed blog here. :)

    1. Just read your topic on VJ :) I'm more knowledgeable in regards to spousal visas, not everything Canadian related, especially your situation. I agree with what Niki said in your topic. You need to still be considered a resident of Ontario to receive benefits, so if you go to the US on either a fiance or spouse visa, you'll lose those benefits. You would of course be able to buy your drugs in the US, but I'm assuming they'll cost much more than they do in Canada (even if/when you get on your fiance's health insurance plan or get your own).

      I'd suggest you two figure out what you want, and definitely don't rush into things. Write out the pros/cons of each situation: staying where you currently are until he's "done" with the military, fiance visa, spousal visa, him coming to Canada afterwards. Go from there.

      Keep in mind, if you decide for a visa, you'll be staying in Canada until you get the visa, so you can still receive disability and buy your drugs there. The benefit of a spousal visa will allow you to work right away (compared to waiting a few months with a fiance visa after sending the AOS package), so that might help your family's financial situation. And I know you said you can't work right now, but also remember that the visa process takes around 9 months for Canada (could be less, could be more), so even if you filed right now for a visa, you probably wouldn't be immigrating to the US until early 2014.