Monday, January 14, 2013

Passport and Transcripts

According to USPS's site, my mail's location, as of today at 8:39am, is "Canada". Very descriptive, lol. So, I know it's made it into the country safely, but I have no idea if I'm going to get any more tracking now that it's in a different country (besides proof of delivery). Guess I'll just have to wait and see!

In other news, I'm going to be eligible to file for ROC next month. I'm weirdly excited to file paperwork again, lol! Once the date gets closer, I'll post what I'm planning on sending in. I don't have all the evidence finalized yet, so until then... :P

But, I did request a tax transcript last Wednesday, the 9th, for tax year 2011 showing that Ben and I did 'Married Filing Jointly'. Just checked the mail a few minutes ago and it already arrived! That's less than 4 business days from requesting it to receiving it. The IRS are on top of things at the moment! (So if YOU need a tax transcript, for whatever reason, order it NOW!)



  1. Hey Lindsay! You have helped me so much through my immigration to the United States. (We were going through the CR-1 process at roughly the same time in 2011. You were a month or two ahead of me, and were heaven sent!) I have to tell you my experience just because I know you'll appreciate it. I JUST received my PR card on Saturday. A year and half biggie, right? Ha ha. I had to share the experience with you, because I knew you'd appreciate it. :) Officers who I had dealt with (in the interview/border crossing) apparently didn't know what they were doing, because I had been assigned 3 different alien numbers, therefore 3 different files. And - somehow - they all wound up at the Inactive File Center. Riddle me that! I would go in about every month to get updates and bug them again. It was such a pain! Luckily, I followed your advice and went 3 weeks after my arrival to get my SSN, so I've been able to work in the mean time. Agents at my local USCIS office have been helpful (mostly) at trying to figure out what went wrong. Luckily, they recognized it was their fault and re-stamped my passport multiple times so I wouldn't get into trouble. Ugh! What a headache. Glad that's over. Anyway, I'm looking forward to your posts on moving into permanent residency from conditional residency. Thanks for all of your help, you've been wonderful.

  2. Hi! *waves* Wooooow, that took quite awhile to get your green card! But, I'm glad you had no problems working or anything and it ended up being fixed in the end.

    And just to be nit picky, I'm already a permanent resident, just a conditional one. It's just the "conditional" part that is being removed. I've been a permanent resident since I went through POE in May 2011, and will continue to be a PR until I become a US citizen (if I decide to become one).